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Re-Occupy the Berkshires!

Re-Occupy the Berkshires!
Sunday, June 3, 1-4 pm
Food, music, marching, face painting, crafts, fun!

OccBerks will be rebooting our weekly Sunday Rally at Great Barrington Town Hall! Last fall these events were great times to get together in the sun, meet new people, discuss issues, and get organized. While much of that that has been continuing through the winter, is has been, sadly, inside and less visible. Time to change that! So come on out for the first of our Summer Great Barrington Rallies.


This is a family friendly event, and all are welcome. There will be food, music, marching, crafts, and I’m sure some reconnecting. We’ll also be having a General Assembly to continue working on a range of projects from campaign financing and an amendment against corporate personhood, to the Housatonic River Cleanup, to growing and strengthening local communities through alternative currencies.


Oh, and here’s a link to the event’s page:
Pass it around! Get the word out!

Elections Workgroup Formed

After some time discussing electoral politics, Occupy Berkshires has put together a working group to make sure our issues are heard, especially in this election year. This page will be for occasion updates from the working group.