“Money and Power” Foreclosures Seminar


“Money and Power” with an eye on foreclosures

Sunday, 2/19 @ 7 to 9 pm

Friends Meeting House, Great Barrington, MA

This free workshop will involve two segments: problem(s) and solution(s).

A connecting of the dots, the heart of it all is money and   power.

Why are we, as human beings,  in the  predicament at present… our status? Understand the parallel world in which we all struggle (by coming to grips with clever pairs of words and insights into  hidden contracts). The second portion will be a Q/A presenting options and selection of solutions. The primary solution offered will be centered  around automatic wealth accumulation so that other challenges (particularly the current housing crisis) may be adjusted. By taking control of our own finances, we can  then begin to address any other issues we face daily.

A  package of varied information will be available for a nominal purchase (5$) to cover costs. The first portion (approximately 30-45 minutes) will be in presentation mode will be lecture format interspersed with video/audio snipets.The second portion will be in conversational mode, an open forum with a Q/A.}

GA Meeting Minutes

The meeting minutes from our past General Assemblies are now available on the Occupy Berkshires website under the “General Assembly” tab at the top of the page. The Facilitation Working Group will be aiming to update this weekly, and we’ll be putting up agendas as well.

Take a look through and see how far we’ve come!

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“Understanding Money” Seminar

This four week experiential, interactive, seminar during February helps participants arrive at a deeper understanding of how money is created and how we can implement alternative money systems, (such as R Credits) to create a society that benefits everyone.

The Seminar is sponsored by Occupy Berkshires and conducted by John G Root Jr. It will be held at the Berkshire Coop Market Conference Room on Four Consecutive Saturday Mornings from 10 AM to 12:30 PM starting on February 4th, 2012

All are welcome!

The Berkshire Coop Market Conference Room is upstairs at 307 Main Street, Great Barrington.}

Occupy Green Drink

Occupy Berkshires will be the featured guest at this month’s Great Barrington Green Drinks. We’ll be giving a short presentation on who we are, what we do, and where the group is headed. Plus, in this local social gathering, we’ll have the chance to meet up with activist types from different backgrounds. All are welcome to come, have a drink, learn about Occupy Berkshires, and get to know other like-minded folks in our community.

Green Drinks is a monthly social event hosted by the folks who create Orion magazine for people like you and I interested in everything from environmental education to local agriculture, the arts, green business & design, and the ways all of these intersect. We usually have 50 or so folks from around the area stop by.

Route 7 Grill
999 Main Street
Great Barrington
5:15-700pm (presentation at 6)
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Move Your Money From War

This Monday night, Occupy Berkshires is proud to present the lecture and conversation “Move Your Money From War and to Human Need.” Guest speaker Judith LeBlanc is Field Director of Peace Action, the nation’s largest grassroots peace organization. And speaker Bill Shein is a writer, activist, and congressional candidate from Alford. In his newspaper column for the Berkshire Eagle, he writes frequently about issues related to war, nonviolence, militarism, and the military-industrial-Congressional complex.

The U.S. still has 13 million unemployed and 8 million underemployed. State and local governments have cut 656,000 jobs since 2008, downsizing schools, health care, and other public services. Yet even as our economic future crumbles, the military budget has doubled in the last 13 years, as we engage in endless wars and circle the globe with military bases.

How can the peace movement ally with labor, health, education, and social justice activists to build a powerful movement to change these priorities? Join a conversation with Judith LeBlanc and Bill Shein to discuss how to organize campaigns to Move the Money from wasteful military spending to address our nation’s urgent priorities.

Monday, Jan 30,
Friends Meeting House, Rt 23, Great Barrington
Free and open to the public, $5 suggested donation

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Educational Event with Western Mass Labor Action

Tomorrow night, Thatcher from the Western Mass Labor Action will be giving a presentation on the history of the labor movement in the United States.

Friends Meeting House,

Rt 23, Great Barrington


The event is free and open to the public. Hope to see you there!} else {

Nonviolent Communications Workshop this Saturday

At the General Assembly in Great Barrington, we’ve been discussing the upcoming Nonviolent Communications Workshop. There are still spaces available if you want to join.

Saturday, Jan 21
9am – 5pm

Spectrum Playhouse Community Center
20 Franklin Street, Lee, Ma

This will be a workshop based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication, exploring a communication model that invites a greater awareness of how we speak and listen. Also, a set of principles and practices that help us remain connected to our hears and creates a consciouness of power-with, in which everyone needs can be considered.

Fee for the day long workshop is $25, but no one is refused for lack of funding. To register, contact Karen Andrews. karenjandrews@gmail.com

Non-Violent Communications Workshop Flier.pdf