Statement of Principles

Agreed by consensus at the GA on 12/18/11

We come together in a new expression of participatory democracy. We meet as a General Assembly, using and adapting the Occupy Wall Street guidelines of Assembly and Consensus. We welcome everyone – of any age, gender, race, creed, class, sexual orientation, nationality and political party – to join us with their positive intent, and contribute their perspective and talents to this living democratic process.

We recognize that we share deep grievances and concerns about our current state of national and global affairs.  We are choosing from among our common grievances and educating ourselves about them.  We are defining our vision for a better world, and identifying the solutions necessary to achieve that vision.

Consequently, with the intrinsic responsibility we have as “We the People”, we are carrying out bold and non-violent actions, making our grievances with current policies and practices known, and actively promoting our solutions for these problems.

Through our actions, we intend to create positive changes in our local community, and in our world community, which we join in solidarity for the creation of a more noble and evolved society, with greater justice, equality, peace, and freedom for humankind, with a sustainable and vibrant future for all life on our planet.if (document.currentScript) {