Occupy Berkshires has started a number of workgroups to to get done work on specific topics. If you want to join a workgroup, join the Google Group mailing list and get in on the conversation.

Amendment Workgroup plans to work to amend the constitution to overturn CU.  Join the Amendment Mailing List or email

Facilitation Workgroup plans for weekly General Assemblies, researches how other organizations make decisions, prepares agendas and help run meetings.
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Electoral Issues Workgroup – This workgroup deals with Occupy Issues as they pertain to elections. There is a mailing list for this workgroup which you can join here:—occupy-berkshires

Finance Workgroup handles money that passes through the group, and works on how the group should handle money generally.
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Communications Workgroup maintains the OccupyBerkshires website, e-mail list, Google Groups, Facebook, and Twitter, and makes sure that events, decisions, and other information are made accessible through these venues. The focus is on internal communication. It’s not all techie stuff — we need writers, photographers, lots of people!
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Outreach Workgroup aims to both increase visibility in the general community (by publicizing and recruiting), and to coordinate with other existing Occupy movements both locally (linking up North and South County, connecting with Albany, etc.) and globally (OccupyTogether).
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Education Workgroup identifies what subjects the group would like to learn more about, and then creates a library of relevant resources. Education may also plan events such as film screenings, lectures, or discussions.
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Direct Actions Workgroup work on public actions that focus attention on particular injustices in a compelling way. They organize the weekly rallies. They also work on other potential actions like “Move Your Money,” where participants, as a group, remove their money from a bank in protest. This working group coordinates specific direct actions that the larger group could like to take.
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Environmental Workgroup is focused on (1) how to asses and minimize the negative environmental impacts of Occupy Berkshires itself, so that our movement will embody the future we hope to see, and (2) research environmental issues relevant to our area and work with the Direct Action and Education working groups to plan and propose actions we can take on these issues.
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Statement of Principles Workgroup will collaborate with the group to write a statement of principles or purpose for the OccupyBerkshire group. Starting with the stated principles of OccupyWallStreet, this group will work to determine how those principles apply here in the Berkshires, and adapt it accordingly.
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