Environmental Action & Responsibility in the Occupy Movement

We of the Occupy movement know that the integrity of our environment,
the continuance of our fellow life-forms on earth, and the health and
fulfillment of future generations are infinitely more important than
economic dogma, corporate profit, or the maintenance of any structure
which promotes the reckless and unnecessary abuse of our precious life-
support systems.  The environmental movement is our movement, as much as the movements for worker’s rights, democracy, and peace.  The
scientists will not save our planet; neither will the government
leaders or the businessmen, and certainly not the generals.  It is we
the people, in all our mass and multiplicity, who have the only hope
of turning our own behavior in a wiser, safer, saner direction.

The same corporations which use their undue power to enhance
plutocracy and cheat the 99% use it keep themselves from facing the
true costs of their exploitation.  While we struggle to pay our
electricity bills and  afford gas, corporations gain vast profits from
the death of our fellow species and the imperilment of our future.
The same military which endangers our global security and innocent
people around the globe and rules by fear and suppressing dissent at
home is the largest polluter and consumer of oil in the US.  This same
nation, both the richest on earth and the most unequal among developed
countries, is the largest per-capita contributor to greenhouse gas
emissions and one of the largest polluters in the world.  The global
1%, and the profit- and power-making systems they have established,
hold much of the blame for the crisis humanity faces.  But it is the
poor, the downtrodden, those unable to escape, who must endure the
choking smog, the rising floods, the poisoned air, food, and water,
the creeping deserts and the growing storms.

Thus, the 99% percent of humanity and the whole of life on our planet
share nothing but common ground.  The common ground of this earth we
all inhabit.  This earth is not a thing we own, to do with as we
will.  We belong to it, and it is our responsibility to this living
planet, and to each other, to put our energy, our passion, and our
ability into a movement to avert our train of exploitation and care
for our home wisely.

We, the Environmental Working group, under the auspices of Occupy
Berkshires, aim to help establish this consciousness within the Occupy
movement and among our broader community.  We will educate and
motivate people to care about these issues, and to take action:  both
through personal choice and political advocacy.  We will assure that
our part of the Occupy movement does its utmost to embody the world we
strive for by being environmentally responsible in our actions,
meetings, and events. It is incumbent upon us to break free from
systems which are ravaging our planet and create new systems for the
good of all.  We will speak out, we will act for nature, for the
environment, for our earth, for our very survival and sanity.

Our Planet’s People are rising.  We may be on the cusp of the most all-
inclusive–and important–social movement in human history.  The
Occupy movement does not embrace a narrow platform, but aims to build
a bridge to a whole new conception of the power and possibilities of
humanity.  We embrace our essential role to play as part of a movement
which we hope will become not only a catalyst for a global people’s
revolution towards a society supporting justice, peace, cooperation,
equality, and freedom for all humanity, but a harbinger of a more
harmonious and respectful relationship between people and the
environment of which we are inalienably a part.

Do you share these values and convictions?  Do you have ideas on actions to take or issues to explore?  The earth needs all our voices!  

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